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Been a while... [Sep. 5th, 2005|09:40 pm]
so i bet some of you are asking yourself, where has derrick been all this time? well for the past 5 months i have been quite busy. i have changed jobs, i have visited family back in cali, witnessed the unfortunate event of having a family member break his neck. recently i have had my 19th b-day. yes i am on the last part of my teenage career. guess i should make the best of it? but anyways, not many exciting events have occured recently. at least not much that i can think of. i will have to get back to you on that one.

other than working 40 hours a week. i have found time to go golfing, spend more time with my baby. which is always a plus. and just relax when i want to. also i have had new appliances added to the household. provided by the best g/f in the world! we have a new television. along with a water filtration system that attatches to the faucet. she has also bought me a tool box and chest for work. some tools to go with that chest and box. and a bunch of other things since i have moved out here. so the least i could do is get her a half carat three stone diamond ring as a gift! hehe

[User Picture]From: slutaburninlove
2005-09-06 05:00 am (UTC)


damn straight. it was about damn time i got a ring!!! =) love you.

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